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Newfoundland & Labrador maintains TWO SEPERATE REGISTRIES for land holdings. The Crown Lands Registry located in the Howley Building, Higgins Line, St. John's; contains all land titles(grants, leases, licences) which have been issued by the Crown.

The Registry of Deeds, sometimes referred to as CADO (companies and deeds online) contains records of private land holdings and transactions (land sales, mortgages etc.). The Registry of Deeds is located at 55 Elizabeth Avenue, St. John's.

Crown Lands Registry

This registry contains approximately 70,000 land tenure documents, together with background information, applications and legal surveys dating back to the 1830's. A further 1600 titles are added each year. The Crown Lands Registry is responsible for the management of all files and related documents pertaining to Crown land titles, administration, legal proceedings. This registry is also responsible for documents related to other government departments, such as mining grants, timber licences, water power agreements etc. This registry provides a public service not only with respect to land grants but also with respect to lease payments and assignments.

The following is a list of grants that were lost in the great fire of 1892:
- Volumes A, B, C, D
- Volumes 1 and 2 (free grants)
- Volumes 1 to 7 inclusive
- Volumes 10 to 16 inclusive
- Volumes 19, 20 and 28

Registry of Deeds

The land registered at the Registry of Deeds may or may not have been granted by the Crown. A great deal of the land documents registered at the registry of deeds refer to land claimed under squatters rights. It should be noted that an individual is under no obligation to register land claimed under squatters rights at the registry of deeds; nor is the individual compelled to provide a properly executed legal survey with land that is registered. This makes for a very weak and terribly flawed registration system, especially in today's environment.

Other services provided by the Registry of Deeds include:
- The ability to search for Companies, Deeds and Mechanics Liens information.
- The filing of Articles of Incorporation for Local Companies.
- The filing of annual returns, changes to directors for local companies, changes to mailing addresses and changes to registered office addresses.
- The reserving of names and the ability to search previously reserved names.
- The ability to order/print Certificates of Good Standing.
- Filing outstanding annual returns.

The Registry of Deeds (CADO) can be accessed online. However information for records dating from 1825 to 1979 can only be accessed by manually searching the database in the registry vault located at 55 Elizabeth Avenue, St. John's.

To access the registry of deeds online (CADO) go to: CADO